Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pooja and me: the journey of an unprecedented bond :)

Pooja and Me: Journey of an unprecedented bond

Pooja Sharma, 20 year old girl, is in the last semester of Political Science honors  (Graduation).  After completing this course, she aims at either becoming a teacher or will do masters in political science. This is the answer you will get when you ask about her aspirations.  But again, you ask her what her heart lies in? She will immediately, with that shinny glint in her eyes, answer, "mujhe na JNU se International Relations (antar-rashtriye sambhandh) karna hai." 

I met her as a part of the Youth Connect program of SEWA, which aims at empowering women via communication. Thus, the journey of an unprecedented bond and knowledge sharing started. 

From the beginning itself, we opened up to each other. The reasons behind this were; first Pooja is a chirpy girl, who loves talking. Second, we were too excited about the programme. Third, we could see part of ourselves in each other. Fourth and last we were ready to inculcate the positive change (we were expecting to happen anytime soon). 

We didn't have regular meetings for quite a long time, but we were always connected through phone.  During our meetings, we do nothing special but start with briefing about our routines and somewhere in between, we don't even realize, we pick up a conversation which is useful for her.

We make a point that we give each other daily (weekly) tasks. For example, the latest one: Pooja is preparing for entrances. So we decided to study Globalization. I asked her to go through it thoroughly (which she did) and told her that I will also come prepared. Then we met on Sunday. I asked her to explain the topic to me first. After that I explained it to her adding some different points which she didn't mention. But the task wasn't over. After that I gave her an assignment (to write an article) on the things we studied.

Now you must be wondering what the point of doing it? We are not giving coaching to our mentees. Rightly questioned. Well the answer for it is. 
With the help of these assignments I focus on improving her understanding of things. Without knowledge life is difficult and without opinions life isn't possible. So with all this I mainly focus on availing her a platform where she can develop a point of view for herself. This is what will serve her benefits in the long run. 

Through these snippet-ed assignments I wish she understands what is 'her right and wrong'. 

This was, however, the first textbook based assignment. Our other exercises include: analyzing the surface and surroundings, knowing yourself, problem analysis, solution building exercise etc. 

And we are still unveiling the mystery for new things, as these exercises are not something I go prepared with. They strike me the very moment we discuss our routine, we talk. 

I hope this journey leads both of us to a beautiful end. But without any doubt, Journey is more beautiful than arriving the destination. Something, Pooja has made me realize. As after 2- 3 months this program might end but the kitty that will be full of experiences will always be cherished and treasured.

Written by Snigdha Jindal 


  1. This, to me, seems like one hard-core and stimulating mentorship ! :D It was exciting to read. Reflects your passion for knowledge. A lot can be learnt from your example. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A fine epitome of a successful mentorship. So very inspiring indeed!

  3. we know how hard we try and put in our best efforts and same for the other side. yet we always introspect and tell ourselves , we can do much better.... this is all experience.... and you have definitely penned down your experiences pretty well....