Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well, my journey of the mentoring has not been so easy as I am still in a turmoil of what should be done. Initially i was very excited and enthusiastic of my new status and responsibility of being a mentor to someone who volunteeringly asked for it. Of course rapport formation takes time but who knew it would be like this. I was preparing myself for all the challenges and uncertainties. me and my mentee met once in a month or even it happened so that one whole month was skipped. Later on I got to know that she didn't understand that we had to meet every week of the month! Strange, yes ,very strange. I thought she was familiar with all the goals and frequency of meeting, still I explained it to her in different manners the importance and the goals of this programme. 
I thought maybe because of our differences she didn't open up to me as I was the one who was doing more of the talking , etc. I tried various ways to get her talking ,which I succeeded rarely! But i never gave up. I tried s hard to understand where i was wrong, what am i missing or not doing in order to fulfill my responsibility as a mentor. I frankly spoke to my mentee and told her that she could say anything to me at any point of time. She always just nodded. 
I spoke with my mentors , Tanvee and Violet, and I was disturbed as I wasn't able to figure out what was happening and where I was lacking. They suggested me with few things and I did so accordingly, but again no results. In fact, I was losing hope in this relationship because whatever I did was in vain. Till now I was thinking that I have some drawbacks in me, but later on I realised that it was my mentee who was not taking this programme seriously. 
Yes, there was a time when I said that I will quit, as everything I do is going in vain.
I couldn't take all that carelessness anymore as I gave my best to this programme. All I could say is that I gained an experience which I never expected of. Also, I am a true believer in the fact that whatever has happened , has happened for my own learning. At least, I am satisfied with my own efforts and hard work.
I am still holding on to some hope that things will change, no matter how tough it gets , I won't give up. But it is also true that at some point, a saturation happens and sometimes giving up is the only option. 
P.S. experience is an experience, no matter what path you choose or is chosen for you!...


  1. It is very sad to know all this but its a beautiful and an inspiring write up. Just keep going, all the very best.

  2. Very true, in fact we usually learn the most from "unsuccessful" experiences. You may have impacted her in ways you don't know and maybe you learned a few things about some of your weaknesses and ways that you can grow in the future.

  3. maybe, it is just that on the surface of it, no evident change or positive development seems to occur. But, who knows underneath a lot of changes and hopefully, positive ones are happening, making it a great and enriching learning experience for both of you. Let's hope for the best

  4. yes, thank you all for your encouraging words . hope it has a positive impact on both of us.