Saturday, June 13, 2015

Note from Kriti and Sheetal

SEWA Youth Connect has brought two individuals from two backgrounds together. It was started with 11 pairs in Dec 2013 . Seeing the positive feedback we started with 14 pairs in September 2014 and the latest batch was started in April 2015 with 13 pairs of mentors and mentees.  Currently we have 24 pairs of mentors and mentees in the programme.

Each pair has its own journey and its own individual story to share. It has been a two way learning process for both the mentor and mentee building them as confident individuals. Here is what Kriti and Sheetal shared with us recently after they were awarded for their best performance in the programme so far.

Mentor Kriti, B.A Pol. Sc(H), I.P College, DU, (19 yrs):

 “With each passing day, I stand here filled with reverence and awe for this organisation and people working for and within it. The bond I have built with few of the other mentees along with my own mentee Sheetal is extremely sweet and simple.
I never interacted with anyone from this background at this level. After seeing the way they live their lives happily brings satisfaction with our own lives, It teaches us that life is about living beyond materialistic things. Best things are the aim of program, in this program both mentee and I learn equally and develop personality equality like sisters.
My  expectations from the program are fully met, a lot of freedom and exposure is there. Also, Sheetal comes well prepared for meetings now and she has understood her role in the program.
The Program is going very well.  I have full freedom to develop Sheetal as a whole.
My parents are very happy with me joining Youth Connect and wish to meet mentee My mother says I have grown as a responsible and mature person.
I hold a lot of respect in my heart today for the work that has been initiated by this organisation and the amount of happiness spread by each one us. I believe this is one of the most beautiful and special relations that I have built which will be termed with a 'FOREVER' now.

Thank you Tanvee, and the whole team for the constant appreciation and motivation. I wish all the good luck to all the other mentors and mentees irrespective of the fact that I know you or not. The only thing I can assure is, if you are a part of this programme, you will have a beautiful journey ahead, without doubts!

Sheetal, Class XII pass (18 yrs)
“ I thank SEWA Youth Connect for giving me a wonderful mentor. She works on my English skills. We meet every week either in her college (IP College, DU) or we go and explore historical monuments. We recently went to see the Humayun’s tomb. I like seeing new things and learning about them with her. Earlier I could not travel alone. But travelling for the meetings have made me confident and now I can go anywhere. Tanvee ma’am says ‘Ab toh tum kahi bhi aa-jaa sakti ho.” She also gave me the responsibility to bring the new mentees from our area(Rajeevnagar) to the head office for meeting as they were not confident to come alone. I felt proud. Me and Kriti was also given an award for being best mentor and mentee in the last 6 months period. I am extremely happy.

 I am much more confident today. I can talk to strangers better. Earlier I would not even say a word and was shy. Kriti made me speak to her friends in college once and Ma’am also asks us a lot of questions in the monthly meetings. I think that has helped me to speak better today. We also got the chance to pose for a photo shoot wearing Loom Mool outfit. I was nervous initially as I had never put make up and never done anything like this. The clothes were also very nice too. All the mentors and mentees were a bit nervous for the shoot. But  Tanvee ma’am encouraged us to be confident and we all were very comfortable and happy towards the end. It was a life time experience. Ma’am always encourages us to do well.

Kriti remembered my birth day and wish me at 12:01 a.m., I felt very good that she loves me so much, I have become habitual of staying with her, she is also very concerned for me. Earlier I used to fight with sister even on small issues but now I don’t, people say that sheetal is changed now. I now know how to face people and situations. It’s a good program, earlier we were dull but now we know a lot of things. My sister was a mentee in the first batch. She has also grown positively through this program. Today, my Mentor is my best friend! 

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